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This past year we’ve faced unprecedented challenges. The pandemic has been isolating, even within our workplaces. But we are not alone. Union members have a long history of meeting difficult moments by leaning on our greatest strength: each other. And building collective strength will be needed for us to achieve a strong union contract. 

This month, we are coming together to build our unity and our power by sharing our stories. Our voices and our stories are powerful. 

With everything going on, we know that you are tired, frustrated and may have questions. Tomorrow, 1/28/2021 at 6pm, your Union will be hosting a live virtual town hall in regards to:

As many of you may know, Registered Nurses are receiving a incentives for working extra shifts.  Upon learning about this, USW leadership raised the concern to KP that all workers from all unions deserve the incentive including, USW Local 7600.

Valery Robinson was quoted saying, “I will not stop fighting until my members are acknowleged, appreciated and valued."

Monthly Membership Meeting and Women of Steel Meeting Cancelled for the month of January 2021.