Bargaining 2021: Keeping You Informed

Alliance Unions Announce Priorities and KP Responds

USW 7600 and the Alliance kicked off National Bargaining Tuesday 4/20/21 with a strong message for management. We made clear that our goal is to be the best place to work by maintaining the best wages and benefits.

Representatives from management indicated that there would be tough conversations during bargaining. Hal Ruddick, Director of the Alliance, shared that in a recent meeting with management over the wage differences across regions, KP only wants to pay average wages. We know our members do the work to maintain high quality and high service for patients at KP and we expect KP to recognize that.  

National bargaining resumes June 23, 2021. In the coming months the following committees composed of labor and management will meet to develop recommendations for the following issues:

  • Staffing, backfill and registry;  
  • Patient and Worker Safety
  • Problem and Dispute Resolution
  • Racial Justice

Stay tuned for more information that explains the difference between National and Local Bargaining.

To learn more about what happened during bargaining kick-off, join the Alliance town hall on 4/22/21 by registering here:

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