Help Us Save Money and Improve Our PSP: Return Your Unused Scrubs!

Dear Fontana and Ontario Team,

We're excited to announce our Scrub Amnesty Event on Monday, June 24, 2024, and Tuesday, June 25, 2024. This initiative is part of our affordability project aimed at positively impacting our 2024 Performance Sharing Plan (PSP).

Have you acquired hospital scrubs?
Now's your chance to clear your conscience and your closet!

KP Fontana Medical Center and KP Ontario Medical Center are requesting all staff, physicians, students, and vendors to return hospital-issued scrubs that are currently not being used. These scrubs might be taking up space in your closet, car, locker, or office.

Fontana Collection Locations

  • Bridge Walk Connecting MOB 3 to Hospital 2nd Floor
  • Hallway Adjacent to Marigold Recovery/Pre-Op Holding
  • MOB 3, 4th Floor, ScrubEx Room
  • MOB 2 Basement (Adjacent to Linen Room)
  • MOB 1&2 Parking Structure (3rd & 4th Floors)

Ontario Collection Locations

  • Hospital, 2nd Floor, Main O.R. ScrubEx Room
  • OVASC, ScrubEx Room
  • MOB A (Adjacent to Linen Room)
  • Parking Structure, 3rd Floor, Physicians Parking (Mid-Elevator Landing)
  • Parking Structure, 4th Floor, Employee Parking (Mid-Elevator Landing)

By participating in this event, you're helping KP manage it's resources better and contributing directly to the financial health of our organization. This, in turn, will positively affect our 2024 PSP, making a difference for everyone involved.

Fontana: If you have any questions, please contact the Linen Room at (909) 302-8914.

Ontario: If you have any questions, please contact the Linen Room at (909) 724-5610.

Thank you for your support and cooperation!