PSP Update & FAQ's

As many of you know, there were some issues with the Attendance portion of the 2020 PSP payout for many Alliance members, including many in our local.

After hearing from several of you and union leaders, Kaiser Permanente conducted an audit in the Southern California region and discovered a miscalculation of the Alliance Attendance PSP performance resulting in inaccurate PSP payments.

The Alliance has had ongoing conversations with Kaiser Permanente to monitor and confirm the audit was conducted correctly; we believe it was.

The PSP audit demonstrated that Kaiser Permanente miscalculations impacted some Alliance and Local 7600 members in one of the following ways:

  1. Underpayment

    If the audit determined that you were underpaid on your PSP payout amount, Kaiser Permanente sent you a letter via email on April 20th, along with an FAQ and payout charts indicating you were underpaid. The adjustment for your underpayment will be reflected on your April 23rd paycheck.

    If you believe you were underpaid, and you have not received an email from Kaiser Permanente with an underpayment determination, please take the following steps:

    - Go into HRConnect on 4/21 and check your payslip for the 4/23 pay date.

    - Look for a line item titled PSRetrPerfIncentShr. If that line item is blank under “current amount,” please email [email protected] and include your employee i.d. and a brief summary of your concern.

  2. Overpayment

    In some instances, the audit determined individuals might have been overpaid on their PSP payout amount. The Alliance Unions and Kaiser Permanente are in discussions over possible cases of overpayment.

If you did not qualify for some or all of the Last-Minute Sick PSP payout because of incorrect timecard coding, please contact your manager to assess for potential correction and adjustment.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to your union representative.

FAQ regarding the 2020 Attendance PSP Payout Audit and Resolution

Why was there an error in my PSP payout?
Some Alliance employees received an incorrect amount of the PSP incentive pay on the March 12 paycheck due to an error in calculating the Alliance Attendance PSP performance. As a result of the error, employees may have received over or under the accurate PSP payout amount.

When will KP correct my bonus payout amount?
The organization has recalculated the Alliance Attendance PSP payout amounts. Employees who have been underpaid will receive the additional dollar amount in their April 23 paycheck.

What will the corrected amount be when I see my April 23 paycheck?
You will receive the difference between the original amount listed in the payout documents on March 3 and the revised payout listed in the new payout chart. (Subtract the original dollar amount from the updated dollar amount to see the total added to your April 23 paycheck.)

Why does the updated payout chart show a different amount for those who met stretch compared to the amount shown on the communication shared on March 3?
The audit revealed more people earned the stretch goal. This required a recalculation of the pooled dollars. As a result, the adjusted payout pool is smaller and divided among more people.

Does the adjusted pool mean that some people may have been overpaid?
The Alliance union leaders and Kaiser Permanente are in discussions regarding possible cases of overpayment.

How will my payout be adjusted?
(Final payout amounts are prorated for those who are not full-time employees.)
Employees will receive the difference between their March 12 PSP payout amount and either the REVISED stretch, minimum, OR maximum amount for their medical center area based on individual performance (see attached payout chart).

Where will I find the adjusted amount on my payslip?
Look for the dollar amount next to PSRetrPerfIncentShr.