News and Bargaining Updates


Our bargaining committee, along with the Alliance, continues to hold the line for a 4% across-the-board wage increase as we bargain this week.

You made it clear that we were not going to accept 2-tier wages for new hires, that we needed progress on WAGE JUSTICE in the IE, and that we deserved more than 1%.

In response, we joined together like never before, in unity and solidarity, and showed the world that we were willing to do whatever it took to get a fair contract.

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Our Tentative Agreement includes wage increases and wage justice, major staffing improvements, and two-tier is defeated.

When negotiations get tough our goal is to reach an agreement without a strike. But that depends on our employer, so it’s important to plan ahead and prepare ourselves.

Strike Notice: 32,000 Alliance members in SCAL and Northwest have announced they will strike starting November 15



We've been bargaining with Kaiser Permanente since April of this year and it hasn't gone very well. We have given KP ample time to do right by us, the ones that have kept them afloat, but KP continues to disrespect and insult us with the ridiculous proposals of a 2% wage increase and 2-tier new hires that would make less than us for doing the same work.