PSP Update

USW Local 7600 and the Alliance of Healthcare Unions have received a number of calls from union members who believe their PSP attendance adjustment has been incorrectly calculated.   Other unions are receiving similar calls.

Under the Alliance PSP formula, the PSP payouts are adjusted up or down based on each individual’s last-minute sick calls.   

Many members have indicated that they believe the coding of their absences is incorrect and that absences may have been counted as “last minute sick” where they should have been coded differently, for example as COVID leave or other types of leave.  In other cases members believe their payment is simply miscalculated.   

KP has not established a clear process for resolving these issues, and members are receiving conflicting advice in reaching out to HR about how to resolve any issues. 

The Alliance has contacted senior KP leadership to establish a process for resolving these issues, and will be following up with more detailed guidance once we receive a response from management.   We are committed to making sure that everyone gets the PSP amount they are entitled to, and that any errors are corrected promptly.   Realistically, we do not believe these can be corrected by Friday’s paycheck but are working to get this resolved as quickly as possible. If you believe you have been paid incorrectly, you can help expedite the resolution by checking your attendance records and by documenting as much detail as you can about the error you believe KP has made.