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2024 Philip Murray Memorial Scholarships

2024 Philip Murray Memorial Scholarships


Michael Barnett: Demand Fair Treatment from Kaiser Permanente

Introduction: As Election Day draws near, it's crucial to be well-informed about the candidates and issues on the ballot. Our comprehensive voter guide provides essential information to help you make informed decisions at the polls. Whether you prefer to read in English or Spanish, we've got you covered with our voter guides available in both languages.

 The Kaiser Permanente Southern California Region is experiencing a high Operating Room patient census resulting in an increased demand for related staffing as a result of COVID-19 impacts.

USW (A) and Empire Strykers Soccer Event

USW and Empire Strykers Unite for Soccer Spectacle: USW Appreciation Night

Working families depend upon critical ambulance services to know they are safe, secure, and cared for in their time of need. This is based upon a foundation of trust forged between community members and the EMT and paramedic workers who serve them.

Kaiser Continues to Ignore Staffing Crisis & Partnership

KP execs refuse to honor our contributions