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2024 Philip Murray Memorial Scholarships

2024 Philip Murray Memorial Scholarships


Michael Barnett: Demand Fair Treatment from Kaiser Permanente

Union Fam,

We are trying to sign up as many Alliance members as possible for PUMP and LMPO training. Why are we doing this? Because your voice matters and knowledge is power. The more we educate ourselves about the inner workings of our workplace and its processes the more successful we become.

Come to any of the locations below, today, 9/20/2022, we will be here till the afternoon. Come come say hi to Union officials from USW, UNAC, and other Unions. We're here to help you sign up and answer any questions you have.

Our membership meeting for the month of August has been canceled. 
The Women of Steel meeting is scheduled for August 18, 2022, at the USW Local 7600 Union Hall.

SCAL WAGE EQUITY WIN – Inland Empire and Kern County FAQ’s and Important Information

You made it clear that we were not going to accept 2-tier wages for new hires, that we needed progress on WAGE JUSTICE in the IE, and that we deserved more than 1%.

In response, we joined together like never before, in unity and solidarity, and showed the world that we were willing to do whatever it took to get a fair contract.