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As we navigate through this difficult time, we want you to be reassured that the union will provide all necessary updates with full transparency, to you, the members of

Alliance update on all the National Bargaining subcommittees including, economics, safety, racial justice, staffing, and dispute resolution.

USW FAM, the community needs our help!

KP has oppened COVID vaccinations to ages 12 and up, for members and non members and will be accepting walk ups.





Notification Letter                     June 7, 2021


Ballots sent out                           June 22, 2021


Tabulating Ballots                      July 13, 2021

Día 2 de Negociaciones Locales:

La empresa comparte sus intereses



Estamos complacidos de anunciar que tu Comité Negociador local se reunió de nuevo hoy con Kaiser para el segundo día Negociaciones Locales. 


Local Bargaining Day 2

Management Shares Interests



We are happy to announce that your Local Bargaining Committee reconvened with Kaiser today for Day 2 of Local Bargaining. 


Negociaciones Locales inician el 13 de mayo


Nuestro equipo para las negociaciones locales consiste de:


Michael Barnett, Presidente

Norberto Gomez, Vice Presidente

Maria Solano, Tesorera

Walter Castro, Secretario Financiero Interino

Tammi Requejo, Representante de Quejas y Agravios

Local Bargaining Kicks Off May 13


Our Local bargaining team consists of:


Michael Barnett, President

New Officer Announcement

4/30/21- An overwhelming number of members stepped up to have their voices heard  in our elections. See the results below.


Executive Board: