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Voting and Informational meetings began Sunday, November 28, 2021, at the Steelworkers Auditorium and for the first time, we hosted informational meetings/voting in multiple areas spanning from Vic


Homeless Population Isolation Protocols

March 27, 2020  

1. PPE and Use of Personal Masks

Message from our Alliance partner, Megan Butler APR

They say “not all superheroes wear capes” and they’re right. They wear scrubs, lab coats, stethoscopes, hair nets, aprons, hard hats… the list goes on. Healthcare workers, frontline and behind the scenes, truly are real life superheroes by risking themselves every day to help our communities. Our union brothers and sisters are working through very challenging times and we don’t want that work to go unnoticed

We know the closure of schools and daycare centers, along with “shelter at home” orders have created a scarcity in childcare resources. This situation places immense pressure on essential workers – like Kaiser Permanente employees and physicians – to find alternative childcare resources because they must continue reporting to work. KP's Employee Assistance Program team has gathered a list of possible care referral sources that may help our people. Please share this information broadly.

Kaiser permanente is providing scrubs for those employees who are providing care and support to patients who meet the criteria or have tested positive for covid-19.  

COVID-19 Interim Scrub Policy
Effective 3/27/2020
The policy applies to all employees who are employed by Kaiser Foundation Hospitals
and Health Plan, Inc (KFH/HP) and Permanente Medical Groups (PMGs)

This latest COVID-19 update is brought to you by your Medical Center Administrative Team (MCAT). Please print out and share/post daily for your staff and providers.

Below are today’s updates for physicians and staff:

As KP plans for patient surge, reassignments of employees into other roles are expected as services close in certain areas and expand in others.

These are subjects of bargaining.

Sisters and Brothers,

We heard your cries and we stand with you! Did you know that 150 million Americans are projected to contract COVID-19? WE all need to use our VOICE and let our elected officials know it's not okay that healthcare workers do not have access to PPE's (personal protective equipment). If they get sick, who is going to take care of us and our family members?