News and Bargaining Updates

Our National Agreement with KP expired as of midnight on October 1. All Alliance union members’ pay, benefits, and conditions of employment are protected under the National Labor Relations Act and working without a contract poses no risk to union members.

After a long negotiation yesterday, Kaiser refused a routine 30-day contract extension and tried to silence us by insisting on extreme conditions for an extension. Contract extensions are a routine matter, and the stability and predictability would have benefited the employer. But KP’s extreme bargaining positions have prevented us from coming to a tentative agreement, and now KP execs are doubling down on obstruction. 

Kaiser Permanente’s bargaining strategy is not just outside the norm from the past twenty-four years of our Labor Management Partnership—it’s an aggressive move that is rarely employed by even the worst union busters. Kaiser Permanente executives won’t move off confrontational bargaining tactics, fake claims about our wages, and a two-tier wage scheme that will never be accepted by our unions.

Make no mistake: this is a pattern. KP refused an extension, just as they have refused to move from their insulting two-tier proposal that does nothing to address chronic short staffing and burnout.

Our predecessors fought for a Kaiser Permanente with the best jobs and the best care. We are more committed than ever to honoring that legacy. We will not back down. Now more than ever, we need to be vocal and united. The employer will try to divide us because KP knows that 52,000 Alliance members working together are unstoppable. 

Kaiser’s latest attempt to silence us failed, but it was a clear signal of weakness and fear. Every time we post on social media, wear our union colors and stay visible, we show this employer that we will do whatever it takes for our patients and our professions. 

With unity and determination, and the growing support of our patients and elected leaders, we will win a contract that protects our patients, provides safe staffing, and guarantees fair wages and benefits for every Alliance member - no matter how long it takes.  

Our contract expired at midnight and we are now working without an agreement.

KP ultimately would not agree to our offer to extend the agreement while we continue to negotiate.

Kaiser can’t keep staffing issues and wage disparities in the shadows.

We will continue to move forward with our strike authorization vote.

Thousands of USW members tuned into our town hall yesterday to show their support and to receive updates from our leadership.

Despite all of the hard work and sacrifices we have made, Kaiser has not come to the bargaining table willing to partner with us on tough solutions. Instead,

Throughout our contract negotiations, KP has made outrageous demands. Management is refusing to act as an equal partner by proposing below market wage increases to frontline workers who put their lives and their families at risk throughout the pandemic.

We’re ready to fight for our patients and all health care workers


Final national bargaining session ended with no progress

We’re ready to fight for our patients and all health care workers

Alliance negotiators keep pushing to improve the lives of patients and workers; Kaiser doesn't move on key economic issues


Some Agreements Signed, More Work To Do

In the past, KP no showed at the last scheduled Local Bargaining session. Thousands of our union siblings participated in Union Solidarity Tuesday to show KP we will not back down in our fight for improvements in our contract. Because of your action, KP agreed to sit down and bargain locally. 

This week, we sat down with KP and for the first time in 16 years, we have come to some local tentative agreements including: