Nov. 4 Bargaining Update: 10-day ULP Strike Notice Given to KP

At the economic subcommittee meeting on Nov. 2, 2021, KP made a new economic proposal for a four year national contract:

  • 2% across the board wage increases
  • 2% lump sums year 1 and year 2 of the contract (this will be taxed at 40% and does not contribute to your pension)
  • 2% lump sums year 3 and year 4 only if the Alliance agrees to a two-tier lower wage scale
  • KP continues to ignore important union priorities like staffing, wage justice, and others

This is unacceptable. Today at 4 pm, we gave Kaiser Permanente 10 days notice of an unfair labor practice strike.

We join our Alliance siblings at UNAC/UHCP and OFNHP to make over 32,000 members ready and willing to go on strike starting Monday, November 15 at 7 am.

Now is the time to stand together to show KP we are willing to do what it takes to protest their serious unfair labor practices and fight off their misguided two-tier wage proposal, which will worsen the staffing crisis and harm patient care.

We continually showed up during the darkest days of the pandemic, and this is the thanks we get from KP. Shame on them! 

It is time to stop talking about it and to start being about it. No one is going to fight this battle for us, and we owe it to future generations to stand strong for our patients and our families.

In the coming days, we need everyone to stand up and help. More information and details will be coming soon.

Together we will win!