News and Bargaining Updates

The first of three days of national bargaining started with both labor and management accepting the initial recommendations presented by the Patient & Worker Safety and Problem and Dispute Resolution subcommittees.However, the tone quickly changed when the issue of economics came up.

Last week, Kaiser Permanente presented proposals at the National bargaining table to disrespect and divide our workforce. They offered only 1% across the board wage increases designed to lower our earnings over time.  KP refuses to recognize our hard work.

At the local bargaining table, we were prepared last Friday for KP’s response to our local proposals. We scheduled this meeting to finalize items to resolve or escalate to the National Bargaining table. 

In the past few weeks we have received many questions about incentive pay and why certain classifications are receiving incentives for additional shifts and not everyone.

The Union has been strongly urging KP Regional and Local Senior Leaders to reinstate the incentive agreements reached during the winter surge, and also to include additional classifications.


The Alliance and USW local 7600 met to discuss KP’s announced vaccine mandate. KP should have spoken with us prior to announcing this policy as this is not how partners act. We have agreed to bargain over the effects and implementation of this policy.

Our priorities in bargaining include:

Today our local bargaining committee met with local KP management for our 9th day of bargaining. In the morning, our subcommittees reported out on their work. Significant progress has been made is several areas including: