News and Bargaining Updates

Alliance Unions Announce Priorities and KP Responds

USW 7600 and the Alliance kicked off National Bargaining Tuesday 4/20/21 with a strong message for management. We made clear that our goal is to be the best place to work by maintaining the best wages and benefits.

We’ve fought for our patients and for the public – now we’re getting prepared to fight for each other in National Bargaining.

National Bargaining begins April 20-21.

Childcare Grant

The strength of our union and our partnership continues to benefit our members. KP has agreed to extend the COVID childcare grant through June 5.

Employees who are required to report to work are eligible to receive the childcare grant if the school or day care where their children are full-time enrolled is closed to full-time instruction or care. Eligibility for the stipend includes if the child’s school or day care is only partially opened.

USW Local 7600 and the Alliance of Healthcare Unions have received a number of calls from union members who believe their PSP attendance adjustment has been incorrectly calculated.   Other unions are receiving similar calls.

Under the Alliance PSP formula, the PSP payouts are adjusted up or down based on each individual’s last-minute sick calls.   

Announcing the ...