What Does Strike Authorization Mean?

Our contract expired at midnight and we are now working without an agreement.

KP ultimately would not agree to our offer to extend the agreement while we continue to negotiate.

Kaiser can’t keep staffing issues and wage disparities in the shadows.

We will continue to move forward with our strike authorization vote.

Click here to RSVP right now to let us know which voting session you plan to attend.

If you have questions about what this means and what will happen at these sessions, check out the Q and A's below.

What is a strike authorization vote?

A strike authorization vote is a way for workers to vote to give our bargaining team the authority to call a strike if they deem it necessary

Can we see what KP is proposing?

On the day of the strike vote you will be provided with a copy of all proposals & KP’s response. In addition, unlike other unions, the USW have a strike and defense fund of over $500 million dollars. At the meeting we will go over the fund in detail.

Do I have to RSVP?

We will not turn anyone away if capacity permits. There will be an expedited process at the entrance for members who RSVP.

RSVP for the session that works best for you here: usw7600.ink/StrikeVotes.