Get Ready to Vote: Your Comprehensive Voter Guide

Introduction: As Election Day draws near, it's crucial to be well-informed about the candidates and issues on the ballot. Our comprehensive voter guide provides essential information to help you make informed decisions at the polls. Whether you prefer to read in English or Spanish, we've got you covered with our voter guides available in both languages.

English Voter Guide: Our English voter guide offers detailed profiles of the candidates endorsed by our Labor and Endorsement (L&E) committee, in partnership with the Labor Council. Learn about their stances on labor issues and why they have earned our support. Access the English voter guide here.

Spanish Voter Guide: Para nuestros miembros que prefieren leer en español, tenemos disponible una guía electoral en español. Conozca más sobre los candidatos respaldados por nuestro comité de Labor and Endorsement (L&E), en colaboración con el Consejo Laboral. Acceda a la guía electoral en español aquí.

Why Your Vote Matters: Your vote is your voice in shaping the future of our community. By participating in the electoral process, you can advocate for policies that support working families and promote social justice. Every vote counts, so make sure yours is heard on Election Day.

Additional Resources: In addition to our voter guides, there are plenty of resources available to help you prepare for Election Day. Visit the Election Commission website for information on polling locations, voter registration, and more.