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Sisters and brothers,

Our President Valery Robinson and Vice President Liz Cuevas are working tirelesly 7 days a week with the leaders of Kaiser Permanente to get ahead of the nasty Coronavirus and to keep us up to date with what's going on.  Val and Liz have received authorization to release the Daily COVID-19 Message.  This is a message created by the leaders at Kaiser Permanente with important updates and policies.  Please see below for the most recent update we have for the Riverside Service Area.   Also, please do not hesitate to call the union with any questions or concerns at

Kaiser Permanente has provided us with a masking guidelines table.  This resource will help us understand if, and when, you should be wearing a protective mask.

This message is directly from Kaiser Permanente from their Daily Huddle messages.  Please see below.

March 18, 2020 

  • Going forward, Kaiser Permanente medical centers have restricted access to a single point of entry. Please expect possible delays and allow additional time for you to get to work.

As we navigate through this difficult time, we want you to be reassured that the union will provide all necessary updates with full transparency, to you, the members of USW Local 7600

Sisters and Brothers,

By now, Life Balance should have been deposited into your Time off bank. Please keep in mind, a full time employee who works 40 hours a week, shall receive 40 hours of life balance. Totaling out to 5 Life Balance Days per year.

If, you have not received Life Balance or have not received your full 40 hours and are a full-time employee, please notify Vice President Liz Cuevas @ [email protected].

In solidarity,

For Sons and Daughters of Active Members Of UNITED STEELWORKERS (USW).

$1,500 scholarships will be awarded to freshmen attending any accredited college or university in the United States or Canada:

All candidates must:

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