Bargaining has begun for the newly organized 7600 members!

We're excited to announce that we've begun bargaining for the newsest members of Local 7600!

To those newly-organized members, also known as Status 5 employees, everything related to your work should remain status quo as we go through the bargaining process.

Time-off granting should be done as before; and if any position becomes vacant, it should be posted as USW 7600.

Also, as a union member, you are entitled to union represntation at any meeting you feel may be disciplinary or investigatory. This is also refered to as your Weingarten rights, click here to learn more.   

If you need union representation or have questions or concerns throughtout bargaining, please contact:

USW 7600 President Valery Robinson, [email protected] (909) 202-0141
USW 7600 Vice President Liz Cuevas[email protected], (909) 202-0064
USW 7600 Staff Rep Rosie Gonzalez, [email protected], (626) 966-6852

As we continue to bargain with the company, we'll be sure to stay in touch with additional update!