You Spoke, We Listened... THE CHILD CARE GRANT IS BACK!

USW Local 7600 is PROUD to ANNOUNCE that after several meetings and conversations with the organization, THE CHILD CARE GRANT IS BACK!

With the closures of several schools throughout the Inland Empire and the new hybrid programs coming out, WE, at the Union, understand how difficult it is to hold down a job and a family. 

So when the child care benefit ended in June, USW Local 7600 President Valery Robinson, Vice President Liz Cuevas and Staff Rep Rosie Gonzalez listened to your calls to bring it back, took the fight to the organization in collaboration with the Alliance, and WON!

Initially, KP offered us $150 per week and when the Alliance asked Val what she thought, she immediately rejected the offer and asked for more.  KP then proposed $200 per week and after strenuous deliberations and careful considerations, an agreement was made to accept the offer by all of the unions under Alliance of Healthcare Unions and Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions. 

The actions taken above by the organization are proof that the Labor Management Partnership works!  Thank you to all the Union members who reached out to us to express their concerns regarding this benefit.  YOU are what makes this Union strong!  Share this article and DEMAND that your union brothers and sisters sign up to receive communications from the Union so we can become even stronger for 2021 Contract Bargaining! 

In an effort to keep you safe, we want to remind you that this benefit is currently available only to staff working at a KP facility.  To our members working from home, know that we are working on getting this benefit extended to you as well.

CLICK HERE to see the eligibility requirements.

CLICK HERE to access MyHr - COVID-19: Benefits & Time Off.

Remember, Knowledge is POWER! 

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