USW Local 7600 Town Hall Thursday 1/28/2021 at 6pm

With everything going on, we know that you are tired, frustrated and may have questions. Tomorrow, 1/28/2021 at 6pm, your Union will be hosting a live virtual town hall in regards to:

  • PSP Payout
  • How your Union is fighting for you during these unprecedented times.
  • Answering as many questions, from you, allowed by the time we have.

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These are just some of the topics USW Local 7600 President Valery Robinson, Vice President Liz Cuevas and International Staff Representative Rosie Gonzales will be addressing, head on!

We have received hundreds of questions. The following are samples submitted by your co-workers, that we plan on addressing:

  • First, I would like to thank you Valery and all of those who are dedicated to bargaining/fighting on my behalf. I truly appreciate you!! My questions are: How do we claim the extra pay for working overtime in needed areas?
  • Are we working into incentives for the other frontline personnel?
  • Why are medical assistants not included in the extra shift incentive pay?
  • What's going to happen to the people who are not going back to their
    department if it shut down?
  • What are you gonna do for pharmacy personnel?
  • Why doesn't link pharmacy in Fontana have 2 days off per week?
  • The Language in CBA is from 2010, can we make changes to the language that is vague?
  • Why open up our contracts in these uncertain times?
  • I have attended several town hall meetings and to me it seems its all about San Bernardino area.
  • For on call employees that work 40 hours consecutive for 2 months, can you fight that for a full time position?
  • If after receiving the Moderna vaccine we missed work due to side effects, do we get paid from the 80 hours given to us?
  • Do we have information on the extension of the temporary work from home program and are they now looking at keeping it permanent.
  • Approximately, 5 yrs ago, a grievance was filed about ortho tech 1's doing Sr. Tech work. I would like to know when will a decision be made and can management refrain from this practice during the decision period.
  • I have a question about labor pool. Working only 7am-7pm, it was said it won’t affect our hours but our hours have changed a lot. And why are they only working from 7-7 if we are open 24/7.
  • Who decides what employees end up in the labor pool?
  • Shifthound continues to be an issue with it not being updated majority of the time.
  • Why are our hours being taken by all registry new hires?
  • When will we be able to get LVN or RN position if we are currently working as MAll but have a nursing license?
  • Will phlebotomist be getting the bonus like the surgery unit.

If you want to hear the answers to these questions and more, or have questions of your own, click here to submit your question and RSVP.

This meeting is for USW Local 7600 members only. Please do not share the invite and recording of this meeting is not allowed.

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