Straight Talk: Status 5 Bargaining Update

September 24, 2019

Congratulations Sisters and Brothers of the USW/Status 5 Employees of Kaiser Permanente!

We are pleased to announce that the parties have completed the accretion negotiations covering 184 Status 5 Kaiser Permanente employees under the USW - Kaiser Permanente Labor Agreement, which includes the current Kaiser-USW, Local 7600 Labor-Management Agreement.  Congratulations are in order for all USW represented Kaiser Permanente employees!

Your Local Union, USW Local 7600, headquartered in Fontana, CA, and led by officers you and your USW sisters and brothers elect, as does the International USW. One member = one vote. USW Local 7600 is a Local Union comprised of USW represented workers at Kaiser Permanente in the area. The Local 7600 President Valery Robinson, and the Local enjoys having numerous elected Representatives and appointed contract specialist working full-time to provide excellent representation to the nearly 7,500 union members in Local 7600.

We tackled the wage disparity issue within the Status 5 group. All bargaining unit members will receive additional income from our accretion agreement.

Welcome to the unionized world, where justice and dignity are expected and demanded; where workers negotiate, not beg, for acceptable terms and conditions of employment. You are no longer subject to discharge at the employer’s whim. You have contractual rights guaranteed and protected by your UNION and your colleagues. We hope to make every new Status 5 member proud to say, “I’m a USW member!”

We are in the process of setting up a meeting to provide and go over the Accretion Agreement in detail, showing the benefits that you achieved is being provided to each member, as well as a welcome packet of USW information describing your rights and privileges in your democratically controlled labor organization.