Stay at Home Order Does Not Apply to Healthcare Workers

USW Fam,

Before you read the message from Kaiser Permanente,

We, at the union, want to thank you ALL for your hard work towards this cause as a healthcare worker.  All of us, no matter what you do, are combating the nasty Coronavirus and SAVING this country.  From the EVS worker who stops the risk of exposure in it's tracks, engineers who make sure our building is safe, nurses who care for the infected, to the dietary aide who make sure we are all fed!  Be PROUD of yourselves, because we sure are!  Your efforts are not without notice. Once again, Thank you for all you do!


USW Local 7600

Please see below for the message KP released in response to the stay at home Executive order.


KP Alert Important Message: Governor Newsom stay at home Executive order does not apply to healthcare workers. Unless you have already been approved to work from home, please report to work tomorrow, Friday, March 20. Thank you for your dedication to Kaiser Permanente. This is the message sent out on behalf of KP tonight.

To see the executive order CLICK HERE