Stand Up For American Industry

We have over 3,000 USW members in Norma Torres congressional district (CD 35).  We need your help quickly weighing in on the Moving America Forward legislation that is currently in the Rules committee under review.  Here is the link to a one- page recap of bill:  CLICK HERE

This is a $1.5 trillion dollar investment proposal that links the surface transportation bill with a host of domestic investment priorities that we will be putting out a Rapid Response InfoAlert on later this week to all legislators.  But right now it’s specifically in the Rules committee. Buy America is referenced over 20 times in the bill, and we’ve been supportive of the legislation as needed investments in our country’s infrastructure. Unfortunately, we’ve heard some members of Congress want to undermine the expansion of Buy America provisions in the legislation. Congresswoman Torres has heard quite a bit from the non-union company California Steel Industries (CSI) who wants to weaken the bill, but she has not yet heard our USW side of the story in support. We need to get some calls and/or emails into her office asking her to stand up for American industry and support using U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund and incentivize domestic manufacturers and protect jobs.

 Since this big bill is going through the rules committee that Torres sits on, it is critically important that we make sure she doesn’t weaken the Buy America provisions that are in the bill. Here’s a link to the full text of the Moving America Forward bill: CLICK HERE

 Please contact her local office via phone (909) 481-6474, fax (909) 941-1362 or email [email protected] asap and ask for Congresswoman Torres to support the Moving America Forward bill without weakening the Buy America provisions that are so crucial to our workers!  For those of you who have her cell number on speed dial, please give her a call and/or text.  Thanks much for your help, wear those masks, and continue to stay safe!