Riverside County Staff, Apply Here to Receive 40 Hours a Week

Times are hard, we all know that.  Coronavirus has put a halt on the global economy at some point or another. With our own eyes, we have seen how local businesses have been affected by the pandemic, having to keep their doors shut.  At our workplace we have also seen how the pandemic has changed the way we manage our day to day business with the addition of the labor pool and the ramping up of virtual care.  To top everything off, we are entering the flu season and are expecting an influx of patients like never before.

In preparation for the next waive of patients, Local leadership, Valery Robinson and Liz Cuevas put in the work to ensure all on call staff not receiving 40 hours have the opportunity to do so.  This was done in partnership with KP leadership by drafting up an agreement allowing those employees to sign up for the extra hours to supplement the missing ones.  This agreement is with Riverside County. 

To provide your interest and hours, contact:
Nurse Staffing Office (951) 353-3197
8-258-3197 Tie Line