New Officer Announcement

New Officer Announcement

4/30/21- An overwhelming number of members stepped up to have their voices heard  in our elections. See the results below.


Executive Board:


Michael Barnett

Vice President

Norberto Gomez

Recording Secretary

Diana Gandara

Financial Secretary

Tie* Valerie Villalpando, Ashley Boggs


Maria Solano


Regina Hamilton

Inside Guard

Deborah Richardson

Outside Guard

Cindy Cochran


Sandi Lozano, Claudette Baker, Joel Maya

Grievance Reps Fontana:  Grievance Reps Regional:

Michael Barnett 

Norberto Gomez  

Liz Cuevas 

Maria Solano

Val Robinson

Joel Maya

Sandi Lozano

Cindy Cochran

Grievance Reps Riverside:

Lupe Quezada

Valencia Davis

Linda Foster

Gerald Campbell

Grievance Reps Regional:

 Melissa Borgia

Ashley Boggs

Thank you all who have served the last three years. Your service to our members will not be forgotten. Congratulations to our new officers!

 *Stay tuned for next steps for the tie 

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