May 20: Local Bargaining Update; Day 2

We are happy to announce that your Local Bargaining Committee reconvened with Kaiser today for Day 2 of Local Bargaining. 

Last week we shared our priorities with Kaiser. Yesterday, the Bargaining committee had the opportunity to hear priorities and participate in brief discussion.

Some of Kaiser’s priorities include:

  • Staffing & Backfill, 
  • Attendance, and 
  • Seniority Tie Breakers. 

We are happy to share that there is a mutual commitment by us and Kaiser to address some of our current Contractual language that we have had for 16 years that may no longer meet our current environment or needs.   

The Local Bargaining committee will reconvene for Day 3 of Local Bargaining on Thursday June 10th while smaller identified subgroups will get to work sooner focusing specifically on "Contract Language Clean-Up". 

Please continue to be on the lookout for future updates and we hope to see you at our next Town Hall on Thursday June 10th!