KP Wildfire Emergency Assistance

(The following message is from KP)

Wildfire season is here and the number of Southern California fires that have recently arisen makes this clear.

Our Southern California-based employees and physicians, who have been affected by these fires, should know they have access to Kaiser Permanente’s assistance and support programs. This help is also available to all KPIT and Program Offices employees who sit in this Region.

$500 Grant - Short Term Emergency for employees displaced from their primary residence for a minimum of 48-hours, under mandatory evacuation:

  • For urgent and immediate needs such as food, clothing, temporary shelter.
  • Completed forms should be submitted to Deborah Silverman at [email protected].
  • Processing after completed form is submitted and approved is approximately 48 hours.
  • This is reportable income.

(Per employee, includes on-call and temporary status) 

Accommodations for employees and physicians whose owned or rented primary residence was destroyed or declared uninhabitable, or were under a mandatory evacuation, or had a recommendation of evacuation

  • Can be reimbursed up to $250 /day for the cost of a hotel room, Airbnb, and BnB, up to a maximum of 5 nights.
  • Processing after completed form is submitted and approved is approximately 48 hours.
  • This is reportable income.

(Per household)

$10,000 Loan- for employees and physicians who are awaiting other forms of emergency financial aid such as federal programs and insurance claims as a result of full or significant loss of their primary residence.

  • In the form of an interest-free loan requiring completion of an Emergency Loan Application and Promissory Note which stipulates payback via payroll deduction over 18 to 36 months beginning three (3) months after approval.
  • Contact Local Human Resources Department.
  • Processing after completed form is submitted and approved is approximately 48 hours. 

(Per employee)

ETO/PTO/Vacation/FPD Cash Out Eligibility

Employees may be eligible to cash out available ETO / PTO, Vacation, or FPD to help meet a severe financial hardship due to certain unforeseeable emergency events.

Call the HRSC at 1-877-457-4772. See HR Policy CA 4.03 for more details.

Vanguard Withdrawal

Employees may also be eligible for a Financial Hardship withdrawal from their Vanguard or Fidelity 401k plan. 

  • All KFH/HP/SCPMG employees and all union-represented employees contact: Vanguard at (800) 523-1188

 Employee Assistance Program

Some of us may be either personally impacted or know of someone who is affected by the wildfires. If you need additional support, please use the services of KP's Employee Assistance Program. EAP counselors are licensed, trained clinicians who can assist with a wide range of work and personal issues. Click here for a list of EAP counselors by location.

Reminder: Safeguard Your Health
It's important to take precautions to stay healthy if you or your family are in an area being impacted by the current fire — especially those with respiratory conditions like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. We recommend that you:

  • Stay indoors and keep your windows closed (unless instructed otherwise).
  • Use "controller" steroid inhalers (like QVAR) as prescribed.
  • Use "quick relief" inhalers to help with shortness of breath.
  • If you have oxygen, use it if you have difficulty breathing.
  • Turn on your air conditioner to see if it helps, especially if it's central air. If you have a window A/C unit, make sure the filter is clean.
  • Use fans in each room to help move the air in your house.

 Click here for more tips provided by the American Red Cross on heat safety measures, responding during a heatwave, and heat-related illnesses.