July 16: Local Bargaining Update; Partnership is Equal Partners

Your Local 7600 Executive board unanimously voted on Tuesday, July 13 to give President, Michael Barnett, Vice President Norberto Gomez, and International Representative, Rosie Gonzalez, the authorization to pause our participation in Labor Management Partnership (LMP) activities if necessary. 

The foundation of the Kaiser Permanente (KP) LMP is best care and best jobs. Our members are focused on the patient, but KP is more focused on the bottom line. 

KP argues that the “threat is real” financially, but in 2020 they spent $4 billion in capital spending or investment in facilities according to their 2020 annual report. We believe KP should instead invest in patients and the employees who provide the best patient care. The COVID-19 has changed healthcare and we must adapt. It is essential that decisions about our jobs aren't made without the input of the frontline workers who actually do the work!

We are pleased to hear our Alliance partners UNAC / UHCP have taken a similar position. We stand united for a strong partnership with all partners working together.

The future of the partnership is dependent on two equal partners who are committed to solving problems together. We hope that the employer will recognize the value of the partnership and all we’ve built together. If not, we are prepared to suspend partnership activities.

Our Alliance Bargaining team met with KP this week! See the flyer below for update: