Despite some Wins, We Continue to Fight for our Workers!

(Updated 1/19/2021)

On Behalf of: Valery Robinson USW Local 7600 President.

USW local 7600 members have been working hard and our leadership team has been working hard for you during this surge! Since the month of December, USW local 7600 has won:

  • A Guaranteed PSP Bonus Payout, paid in March 2021
    • An extension to COVID-19 benefits, including sick leave and childcare benefits through the first quarter of this year
    • Extra Shift Incentives for Respiratory Care Practitioners, Phlebotomists, and all LVNs (Inpatient, Outpatient, Newborn Hearing Coordinators, retail and HH/ Hospice/ Palliative Care)
      • Workers who sign up for and are needed to work additional shifts for which they do not regularly work will receive an additional bonus depending on the length and type of shift

There is no time to celebrate these successes because we know IT IS NOT ENOUGH! All of our members are putting their lives and their family’s lives at risk by coming to work every day. It is not just those who provide care to patients who have borne the brunt of this pandemic. All USW members at Kaiser have made sacrifices and everyone deserves to be recognized for going above and beyond. We are working outside, in COVID tents, putting our lives at risk. We are working extra shifts to ensure our patients are taken care of. We are maintaining our facilities clean and we are willing to change work locations/job duties to ensure Kaiser remains the best place to receive care.

We have been flexible with Kaiser responding to the surge. Our PSP reflects the work we normally perform each year and it is not enough! Kaiser refers to us as healthcare heroes. It is time for Kaiser to respond to our request to recognize all workers, not just those in the hospital.

We are not giving up until all workers receive the incentive they deserve!

Stay tuned for more information and sign up for text updates to learn how you can let Kaiser know that all USW workers deserve recognition for the work they do!