USW Local 7600 Updates: Historic Strikes, Wage Agreements, and the 2% Lump Sum Payment

USW Local 7600 commends the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions and Kaiser Permanente for reaching a tentative agreement after a historic 3-day strike. President Michael Barnett and Vice President Norberto Gomez express their appreciation. 

Many individuals have contacted us inquiring about the 2% lump sum payment. We await confirmation of the pay date and relevant information. Once we have it, we will share it with the membership through text blasts, email, and website.

The external environment has changed since our 2021 National Agreement, with labor shortages, inflation, and burnout. Bold actions are needed.

Nationwide, union activity is on the rise, especially in healthcare, with significant wins for workers. Healthcare strikes are demonstrating the commitment to patient care and workplace standards.

Contracts are yielding historic wage increases, such as the KP-California Nurses Association (CNA) agreement with 22.5% wage increases in 2022 and the KP-Coalition tentative agreement with 21% wage increases over four years.

Preparations for the 2025 bargaining are underway. Strong organization is essential for the upcoming fight.

Joint actions show our determination to management. Staffing crises have impacted stress and mental health. Patients and co-workers need urgent attention.

We call on Kaiser Permanente to raise wages to remain competitive in this environment. Join our campaign to address the staffing crisis and retention bonuses. Further updates will be provided soon.