Important Information Regarding SEIU-UHW Strike and Your Role

Solidarity with SEIU-UHW

Members of SEIU-UHW and the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions have announced an intention to engage in a strike at Kaiser facilities across the country. This strike is expected to take place from October 4 thru October 7. Some locations where USW members work may be affected by this anticipated strike. We understand that you likely have questions about the SEIU strike and how it impacts you. Here are some answers to some common questions that might come up:

Q: Is the USW going on strike?

A: No. The USW is not currently engaged in bargaining for a new contract, and our collective bargaining agreement is still in effect.

Q: If the SEIU or Coalition calls a strike at my facility, should I report to work still?

A: You should continue to work as normal. Our collective bargaining agreement remains in effect, and, as part of that contract, we have agreed to a “no strike clause.” This clause says:

The parties recognize that a hospital renders vital services to the community and for humanitarian reasons, they agree that there shall be no lockouts, no strikes, nor interruptions or impeding of work during the term of this Agreement. No officer or representative of the Employer or the Union shall authorize, instigate, aid or condone any such activities. No employee shall participate in any such activities.

This means that we have agreed not to participate in any strike or work interruption during the term of the contract. As a result, members must continue working during the SEIU or Coalition strike.

Q: Should I perform work that is normally done by the SEIU or Coalition?

A: USW member and members represented by SEIU, or the Coalition hold different jobs and perform different functions. You should not perform work normally done by SEIU or Coalition members unless you are directly instructed to do so, or it is critical to patient care.

Q: How should I support the SEIU and Coalition if they call a strike?

A: There are many ways to support the SEIU and Coalition if they call a strike. You can attend rallies or walk any picket lines that are established by either the SEIU or the Coalition. However, you should only do so if you are not working or scheduled to work. Do not participate in any rallies or walk any picket lines while you are working or scheduled to work. If you do, the Hospital may discipline you or even terminate your employment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your union rep. Click here to find out who your union rep is.