Alliance Partnership Representative job posting for Riverside Service Area

Dear members of USW Local 7600,

    A job opening has presented itself with the Alliance of Health Care Unions as an APR in the Riverside area. We would like to congratulate our sister Megan Butler who will leave this position for an internship with USW International. Megan, we are very proud of you and we know you will do very well!

   To our members, if you feel you meet the qualifications listed below, feel free to apply. Good luck and have a great day!

In Solidarity,

USW Local 7600



This role is intended to develop leadership ability and knowledge so that one would return to their role in Kaiser Permanente and their union with valuable skills. The following qualifications are required for consideration:

  • A Kaiser Permanente employee who is a member in good standing of an Alliance union;
  • A demonstrated commitment to LMP’s vision and goals;
  • Must have own transportation and be willing to travel;
  • Have taken basic partnership trainings;
  • A work history that demonstrates dependability and initiative;
  • Basic proficiency with computers;
  • Enthusiasm for the Labor Management Partnership

Preferred not required qualifications (please list in your resume any and all that apply):

  • Basic or advanced knowledge Performance Improvement (PI) systems and tools
  • Completed Associate Improvement Advisor (AIA) training
  • Efficient use of UBT Tracker
  • Experience in delivering training, preferably LMP classes
  • LMP and or UBT co-lead
  • Active in your union

Alliance of Health Care Unions

Special Assignment Agreement – Trust Funded Position

Posting for Alliance Partnership Representative (APR)

Role Title

Alliance Partnership Representative (APR)

General Description

APR will support building Alliance union capacity and UBTs

Location Available:

Riverside Service Area

How to Apply:

See “How to Apply” section on page 2 of this document and follow instructions completely

Posting dates:

Posting open through end of business 4/01/2022


The LMP Trust Fund allocates resources for both labor and management to have people whose role is to focus on the success of the Partnership. The Alliance Partnership Representatives (APR) are on Special Assignment Agreements (SAA) to provide the support that is needed for union members, managers, and physicians to have an effective partnership.

In this role selected applicants will be accountable to both labor and management. They will be working with front line union members, union leaders, Alliance Director, and management to promote the values, practices and programs of the Partnership and implement the National Agreement. They will have the opportunity to directly impact the success of the Partnership where it really counts…in the places we work.

Role and responsibilities:

The Alliance Partnership Representative’s role is to advance the value compass and achieve the goals of the Partnership in the following ways:

  • Assess and support LMP teams and committees at assigned service area, including UBTs
  • Build Alliance Unions capacity to participate fully in Partnership, by identifying, recruiting, and developing front line leaders
  • Develop and facilitate relationships across boundaries, i.e. labor and management, departments, and projects
  • Provide training, coaching, and mentoring to labor and management
  • Support Alliance and Partnership initiatives and activities including deliverables of the National Agreement
  • Collaborate with the local and regional UBT resource team and support UBTs along the Pathway to Partnership (P2P)
  • Support LMP Education and Training to assist UBTs with meeting P2P requirements (Train classes, KP Learn system, Build trainer capacity, etc.)
  • Ensure there is appropriate communication and information exchange
  • Monitor progress against goals
  • Model Partnership behaviors and lead by example
  • Additional responsibilities as needed

How to apply: to be considered please follow these instructions completely

1.      Applicants can apply for locations other than those they are currently working in

2.     Any Alliance union member can apply at any location (drive time and distance should be similar to or less than current commute)

3.     Via email; Send your resume AND a one page cover letter explaining why you are interested in doing this work; to [email protected] and [email protected]

4.    Required: put “APR application Riverside Service Area 2022” in the subject line of your email

5.     Required: Include your

  • Name, email address, cellphone number, home address
  • current job title,
  • current work location
  • current union affiliation – what union do you belong to

Additional important information:

  • Position is funded on an annual basis, renewable twice for a total of three years.
  • This is a full-time position; part-time employees may apply if they are willing and able to work five days a week, full time hours. Working full-time in this role will not affect an employees’ part-time status or qualify them for full-time status upon return to their prior position.
  • Shift is generally Monday through Friday, daytime hours with some flexibility needed to meet members and teams on varying shifts
  • APR’s are “kept whole” meaning all wages and benefits are maintained at their current level.

Send questions to Alliance Director Renee LaPointe @ [email protected]