Addressing Staffing Shortages and Inflation: An Update on the 2% Lump Sum

USW Local 7600 understands that many of its members have eagerly awaited updates about the 2% lump sum payment discussions. We're here to keep you informed about the latest developments and provide insights into what's been happening behind the scenes.

The Union approached KP with a proposal to convert the lump sum into a wage increase and requested additional raises in 2023 and 2024. This was aimed at addressing the staffing crisis, employee retention, and inflation. Despite our continuous efforts and strong recommendations for KP to accept our proposal and make the conversion, we regret to inform you that they have denied it. Since KP was unwilling to make mid-contract changes, we will be redirecting our focus to negotiations in 2025.

The company has confirmed that they are proceeding with the 2% lump sum, scheduled for payment on the November 17 pay date. The timing is crucial because it's based on your actual earnings over the 26 pay periods following the 3% raise in October 2022, which is why it's set for November. It's important to note that this is a nationally agreed-upon lump sum payment, and it will be received by all 24 locals and 52,000 members of the Alliance of Healthcare Unions.

We deeply appreciate your patience and the support you've shown during these ongoing negotiations. Your dedication to these critical matters plays a vital role in achieving the best possible outcomes for our members. While the road may be challenging, we remain committed to your interests, and we're in this together.

In Unity and Solidarity,

USW Local 7600