The UNITED STEELWORKERS and the Alliance of Health Care Unions

In the past, local unions at Kaiser Permanente bargained everything individually. That meant the company could negotiate individually against each union, pushing cuts to its work force and other changes that workers could not accept.

In 1997, we overcame this divisive approach by banding together with many of the unions at KP to form the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions and bargain collectively for one National Agreement. In 2018 the majority of Unions left the Coalition and formed the Alliance of Health Care Unions, ensuring our voices are heard louder and stronger than ever. This new alliance gives all unions an equal voice.

Today, the Alliance of Health Care Unions represents over 50,000 members in 21 locals in unions across hundreds of job classifications in nearly all of KP. Together our mission is to empower our members, using our collective voice to improve our lives by securing leading wages, good working conditions, and quality health care.

By bargaining together as the Alliance, we have more power to negotiate a strong contract. As a USW Local 7600 member at KP, you have both a National and a local Agreement.

At national negotiations, representatives from Kaiser Permanente, USW Local 7600, and all Alliance Unions come together to put forth and discuss proposals that address issues of all Alliance Union Members.

This system allows each union in the Alliance to address specific issues while maintaining economic security for everyone across the board under the National Agreement.

Stronger Together

By bargaining together as the Alliance of Health Care Unions for one National Agreement, we have more power to fight for improved wages and benefits for the future. We will only make progress on these key economic items if we stand together in unity and solidarity.

To receive important updates text: USW7600 to 77820.


NATIONAL AGREEMENT: National bargaining with all 21 unions in the Alliance of Health Care Unions at Kaiser Permanente.


  • Annual Wage Increases
  • Health Care
  • Retirement
  • Ben Hudnall educational funds
  • PSP

LOCAL AGREEMENT: Local bargaining led by local union leadership.


  • Job Classification Pay
  • Shift Differential
  • Seniority
  • Minimum hours of work