Sept. 9: Local Bargaining Update

Some Agreements Signed, More Work To Do

In the past, KP no showed at the last scheduled Local Bargaining session. Thousands of our union siblings participated in Union Solidarity Tuesday to show KP we will not back down in our fight for improvements in our contract. Because of your action, KP agreed to sit down and bargain locally. 

This week, we sat down with KP and for the first time in 16 years, we have come to some local tentative agreements including: 

  • Training for management on how to appropriately equalize overtime
  • Agreement to develop and expand Inexperienced/New Grad LVN programs and levels for LVNs
  • Establish a framework for internal movement and growth for all employees including preceptor programs, apprenticeships, and career ladders 
  • Limit the scope and use of temporary employees and registry workers
  • Create a process for alternative work schedules such as 10- and 12-hour shifts
  • Design a path for weekend rotations for interested departments if mutually agreed 

Although we have made progress, all economic issues remain unresolved. Local KP management made clear they are not interested in addressing any economic issues at the Local Table. We have escalated this to the National bargaining table and will know more tomorrow. Your solidarity may be needed for our important economic issues.

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