July 19: Local Bargaining Update; Day 8

Our Local Bargaining Committee met with Kaiser today for Day 8 of local bargaining, capping off a busy week where we met a total of three times. We’ve made significant progress on a cover to cover “language clean-up” review of our current contract in order to reflect current practices and changes to the law since we last negotiated. 

Furthermore, we continue to push for our priorities in sub-committees, are developing recommendations based on discussions, and we are working diligently to resolve these mutual interests. Things are moving slower than we’d like locally and at the national bargaining tables. As you know, your Executive Board recently voted unanimously to authorize a pause in our partnership with KP should the need arise.

Your continued support and actions are critical to our success.

Last month, you took selfies, blitzed social media, and wore stickers and buttons to show KP that we can and will mobilize. When asked how committed we are to the keeping the Best Jobs and Best Care, our members showed up. This month, you can join us again in taking action to achieve an Industry Leading Contract – click here for more details. https://usw7600.ink/actiondays

Stay tuned for more information about our monthly Bargaining Town Hall.