COVID-19 Updates From USW 7600 President Valery Robinson

To my USW 7600 Sisters and Brothers,

I wanted to personally reach out to you and share with you some important updates that we are currently working on. Before I do, I want to let each and everyone of you know that your services to our members, patients, eachother, our communities and everyone impacted by this unprecedented crisis is not going unnoticed. I know how difficult it is to work, day in and day out fearing exposure to yourselves and those you love. It takes a very special person to make that kind of sacrifice and you should know that I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.  I am so proud of you!

With that, you should know that we are fighting for you and on Saturday April 4th, the Alliance Executive Board and KP had an over the phone meeting in regards to benefit enhancement negotiations. The conversation is scheduled to resume later today and we will receive a response from management for what we have proposed.

Prior to Saturday, KP made offers and we suggested improvements, issues were also raised that came directly from you, that were not on the agenda.  Subjects such as overtime assignment, grievance handling, vacation scheduling, ensuring changes made due to COVID-19 are temporary are among some of the matters we are discussing. After today's phone call I will send a communication as soon as possible with an update.

Another important issue I want to make you aware of is that we are pushing to get more frontline staff tested for COVID-19. As I have mentioned before, your health, safety and well being is number one on my priority list. Inadequate testing is a struggle that we as a nation are facing together. For reasons unknown, the test provided by the World Health Organization, that worked in South Korea, was rejected by the CDC. We have heard Donald Trump say over and over that millions of tests are available, and that anyone who wants one can have one. We all know that information to be false. I am pushing for more readily, available testing for you. Recently, on a call between KP and the unions, management spoke in regards to limited supplies and materials, but agreed they would like to be able to do more employee testing and will work on ways to expand testing. Friends, I stand with you and will continue to press the issue.

During this time of crisis we all need to unite stronger than ever before and I am happy to inform that we are! The number of people who are engaged via text blastsocial media, email and our website is at an all time high. We are truly uniting stronger by each passing day. We need to continue spreading good. One easy way is by helping our sisters and brothers of the International Union of Operating Engineers.  They need our help to save their medical benefits so I ask that we all support them by doing the action below.  Thank you for all you do and feel free to respond to this email if you need anything at all!


Valery Robinson, President


International Union of Operating Engineers: Ask Congress to cover all Cobra coverage costs to ensure hardworking families who lose jobs do not suffer a lapse in health care coverage when they need it most during this unprecedented health crisis.