COVID-19 Town Hall Recap With 7600 Leadership On 4/23/2020

Introductions were made by:

President Valery Robinson, Vice President Liz Cuevas and International Staff Rep Rosie Gonzalez.

The following introductory statement made by Valery Robinson;

Good Evening, 

My fellow Union sisters and brothers, I would like to welcome you to our first COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall Meeting.  Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to attend this meeting.  It shows solidarity and strength within our Union and for that, I am grateful.

Before we begin, I would like to start off acknowledging every single one of you.  You are everyday heroes, not only to me, but to the entire world.

I am so proud of  you and honored to be the President of this Local. 

COVID-19 is a SERIOUS unprecedented epidemic and we want you to know that the Union is treating it as such.  

In response to the crisis, the Union has taken the following measures: 

  1. Consistent communications and updates like never before - website, emails, text blasts, Facebook and Instagram.
  2., is constantly updated with a section dedicated to COVID-19.
  3. The majority of our elected officials are on the frontlines with you and were the very first group to staff the Labor Pool.
  4. Liz and I are available to answer any questions or concerns, day or night.
  5. Contrary to what you may have heard, the union remains open, staff is available to take your calls Monday through Friday 9-5pm, (909) 302-0000, (press #1)

The Following topics were discussed
See Below:

    COVID-19 Enhancement Agreement 2020

    Child Care Grant:
    Short term childcare grant of $300 per week for employees who are required to report to work at a KP Facility (i.e., Respiratory therapist, EVS workers, receptionists, pharmacy workers, nursing staff, etc.) or directed to care for patients in person at a non-KP facility. This grant enables full time, part time and on-call employees who are required to report to work at a KP facility for their scheduled shifts or directed to care for patients in person at a non-KP facility to secure childcare for school-aged children* (and disabled dependent children).  Grant amount will be prorated if worked less than 32 hours; minimum grant will be $210 per week.

    Up to 80 Hours of COVID19 Positive Leave for Employees Reporting to Work:
    Employees who are required to report to work at a KP Facility (i.e., Respiratory therapist, EVS workers, receptionists, pharmacy workers, nursing staff, etc.) or directed to care for patients in person at a non-KP facility will receive up to 80 Hours COVID-19 Positive Leave to be used exclusively for a positive COVID19 test result.  The leave will be prorated based on actual hours worked.

    Temporary Shelter:
    Provide short term housing for employees who are required to report to work at a KP Facility (i.e. Respiratory therapist, EVS workers, receptionists, pharmacy workers, nursing staff, etc.) or directed to care for patients in person at a non KP facility. 

    • To provide alternative shelter when needed as a result of the COVID 19, some scenarios are below.  To see them all click on the link.

    • Employee’s COVID19 positive test
    • Employee has worked a double shift and feels unable to drive home
    • Employee has worked 12+ hour shifts more than 3 days in a row

    Time Off

    KP will allow employees to use SPA, CESLA, vacation or life balance if they must stay home to take care of children or immunocompromised family members. 

    School Closures

    KP has responded to the school closures by setting up the child care grant which enable eligible participants to receive up to $300 a week for child care.

    Reduction of On-Calls Hours

    As you know, many clinics have closed due to COVID-19.  As a result, the hours for many on-call employees have been reduced to the minimum of twenty (20) hours per week, as stated in article 15, section 1505 on page 83 of the CBA.  Those affected may choose to apply for unemployment as stated on the EDD website.  This is not a guarantee that you will receive the partial wage replacement benefit payments.  Ultimately it is up to EDD (Employment Development Department) and may depend on the employers discretion.

    MAINTAINING Employer paid Health Coverage

    As stated in our Collective Bargaining Agreement on page 74, article 14, section 1406 
    Any non-full-time employee who actually works two-hundred sixty (260) hours during any calendar quarter shall be eligible for Employer-paid coverage, including eligible dependents, in the following calendar quarter.

    PPE Guidelines

    New PPE Guidance for clinical and non-clinical use of mask 4/21

    San Bernardino County Mask Order
    In an effort to protect the public from further spread of COVID-19, the County’s Acting Health Officer has formally ordered everyone in San Bernardino County to wear a face covering when leaving home.

    Riverside County Order
    Riverside County Public Health Officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser ordered everyone to wear a face covering when leaving home, including essential workers. Face coverings can be bandanas, scarves, neck gaiters or other clothing that does not have visible holes.

    Labor Pool 

    What is a Labor Pool?  The Labor Pool is how KP reassigns workers to execute an actual disaster/emergency response.  The purpose of the Labor Pool is to assign available staff or workers who have been displaced due to clinic closures or overstaffed departments, (temporarily) to areas of greatest need during this disaster.  

    Employees shall be placed in the Labor Pool by inverse seniority.
    Exceptions include those who have volunteered to join the Labor Pool.
    Employees with unique skill sets to a Labor Pool assignment.

     A Labor Pool Staffing Team was created to facilitate with the duties and assignments of the Labor Pool.

    Surge Planning

    Reports indicate that the surge has flattened however, the organization is still preparing and training for a surge.  Redeployment into the Labor Pool is still in progress.  At this time, we do not know when we will be returning to normal.

    New National Agreement

    Please make sure that your address is up to date in KP MyHr under My Profile as we will be shipping them out soon.


    Please make sure that you are receiving all communications by signing up to our text blast, email distribution list and social media.

    1. Send USW7600 to phone number 77820 
    4. Our website for email and resources -


    President Valery Robinson: We Will Fight For You!

    President Valery Robinson: How to Take Time Off?

    Vice President Liz Cuevas:  Is the Union Loosing it's Authority Due to COVID-19?

    1. Why are we not receiving hazard pay?
      Answer: The Alliance of Healthcare Unions raised the question of hazardous pay and the response was, "KP will not bargain outside of the well defined time lines out of the respective collective bargaining agreement."   

    2. Will there be layoffs? How will this be determined?
      Answer: At this time KP is honoring all prevailing language from the duly negotiated National Agreement.  However, the Union wants to be as transparent as possible, we do not know what the future holds.

    3. On 3/30 we were sent a survey asking if any of us hold licenses outside of what we are currently working.  What was the purpose of that survey?  Also are you going to use the Medical Assistants that hold a current LVN license as LVNs?
      Answer:  The survey was sent out as a preventative measure in case there was a need to work under the unused license.  At this time, the need does not exist.  We will save your information and notify you if such a need arises.  

    4. When do we expect for clinics to get back to normal? 
      At this time we do not have an update for you.  Please pay attention to the to CA state updates.

    5.  Can we take our education time off ?
      Yes, you can still put in for educational time.

    6.  When will the Ben Hudnall stipend be available to use again?   
      The Ben Hudnall stipend has not gone away, it is still available for use.  However, the stipend is intended to get you time off for school.  If your hours were reduced to because of COVID-19, you may not be eligible to receive additional stipend time.  

    7. How does a staff member get reimbursed for time off due to Covid, when a test was discouraged? 
       Please visit the Here4You website provided by KP by clicking here

    8.  What does “reduction of on-calls” mean?
      Clarification, this was meant as reduction of hours only.  Reduced to 20 hours minimum for on calls.

    9. Can we apply for unemployment?
      Answer:  Yes, eligibility is decided by EDD.

    10. Can we bring in our ppe?
       While at work you need to use KP provided PPE's (mask).

    If you have any further questions please send an email to [email protected] or call the Union Hall Mon-Fri 9-5pm (909) 302-0000 press #1.