COVID-19 Resources

As we navigate through this difficult time, we want you to be reassured that the union will provide all necessary updates with full transparency, to you, the members of USW Local 7600

We also want you to know that your safety and well being are number one on our priority list.  We will work tirelessly day in and day out and do everything we can to make sure all policies and regulations are followed in regards to your safety. 

If there is anything you need, or you have any concerns, do not hesitate to call the union hall at 909-302-0000.  We have a fiduciary (ethical) vow to you, and WE ARE GOING TO UPHOLD IT! 

Below are documents, from various government or federal groups, who set out how some California laws like Unemployment Insurance, Paid Sick Leave, Disability laws, and others are in place to help with this crisis.

These documents explain the leaves and protections available at the moment and how they can assist during these difficult times.  Please take your time to review them.  If you have any questions regarding the literature we urge you to first reach out to your rep.  If they are unavailable, call the union hall for assistance. 

Here are some links you might want to click on daily as this goes on.  Or just google the topics; you may find newer info that way. 


PDF icon Special EAP Immediate Access Line 24/7


COVID-19 Relief Benefits

FROM THE Alliance of Healthcare Unions
COVID Summary Leave

FROM THE Labor and Workforce Development Agency of California  


FROM THE Dept. of Labor


FROM THE State of California Department of Industrial Relations