COVID-19 Call-In Group Therapy

Is COVID-19 stressing you out?

During these unprecedented/trying times a lot of us may be stressed out and on the edge. We are seeing things unfold like never before, schools have been closed for months but, we are essential and we still have to work. 

Kaiser Permanente's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) recognizes that all the above and more may be affecting our psyche and therefore have organized a facilitated group call-in session three times a week.

Common Topics Addressed:

  1. Coping strategies to deal with uncertainty, anxiety, and stress related to COVID-19
  2. Strengthening social support networks in times of social distancing measures
  3. Using mindfulness, kindness, and gratitude as an antidote to anxiety and burnout
  4. Simple things to build resilience at work
  5. And much more!

Here is a list of Conference Call Times, Locations and Numbers: