Sept. 22: Members Stand Together, Strike Authorization Votes

Thousands of USW members tuned into our town hall yesterday to show their support and to receive updates from our leadership.

Despite all of the hard work and sacrifices we have made, Kaiser has not come to the bargaining table willing to partner with us on tough solutions. Instead,

  • They refuse to work with us on real solutions to the chronic short staffing and insists that workers who do the work shouldn’t have a say in what constitutes safe staffing
  • In addition, the only real economic proposals are a 1% wage increase on October 1 as opposed to our normal 3%
  • Even though management in OC makes the same wages as management in the Inland Empire, they insist that our employees should make less because of the difference in the cost of living. The jobs most affected are held in larger percentages by people of color, but affects all of our members. The wage difference is as much as 38% below their counterparts. This is against KPs core value of racial justice
  • Instead of working in partnership together, they are committed to further the wage disparity of workers in the Inland Empire by hiring new employees at lower wages

We have heard from you! It is time to show KP we are united for safe staffing and the best jobs for the best care! We will be conducting strike authorization votes starting October 2-10.

Stay tuned for more information and stay engaged!

You can show your support by:

  • Participating in Union Solidarity Tuesdays. Wear union colors or your union t-shirts. Keep an eye out for new Solidarity stickers and new ways to show your solidarity
  • Share our messages on Social Media
  • Stay engaged and informed