Join us 11/4/21 on Zoom for a VERY important update


We've been bargaining with Kaiser Permanente since April of this year and it hasn't gone very well. We have given KP ample time to do right by us, the ones that have kept them afloat, but KP continues to disrespect and insult us with the ridiculous proposals of a 2% wage increase and 2-tier new hires that would make less than us for doing the same work.

In the past, we would've never accepted these proposals, and now after everything we've been through these last 18 months, not only will we NOT accept them, they are a slap in the face!

This is not the same partnership that was established in 1997 which emerged from mounting strifes between Kaiser Permanente and its unions which threatened to derail the organization at the time.  KP has forgotten what it is to partner but has also forgotten the POWER OF the UNITY THAT WE POSSESS!

Tomorrow we will discuss the next steps so please join us for a VERY important Town Hall that will be held on Zoom.

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