Date: December 9, 2022
Re: Explanation of Local 7600 Nominations for Local President
To: USW Members, Local 7600
From: Gaylan Z. Prescott District Director

As you may know, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) issued a notice announcing the nominations will be received on December 14, 2022 for the office of President of Local 7600. The DOL’s notice describes the schedule for all relevant dates, which include the conduct of an election for the office of President if more than one nominee emerges at the December 14 nomination meeting. This agreement does not apply to any other current Officer or grievance representative of Local 7600, all of whom will continue to serve out their remaining terms.

DOL is conducting this election as a result of its investigation of a complaint filed by a member who challenged the Local’s application of an eligibility requirement involving attendance requirements to prospective nominees for the office of President during the 2018 nominations process. Local 7600’s settlement with DOL does not involve any other matter, including any issue concerning the 2021 election of Local Union officers.

IMPORTANT: ANY rumors that this election relates to a recall or removal for cause of the current Local 7600 President are simply untrue and wrong. Again, the re-do of the 2018 nominations is due to activity dating back to 2018 involving the use of an eligibility rule. The results of this re-do nomination - and possible election - will determine who holds the position of Local 7600 President through the current term of office. The next Local Union election will occur in April 2024 on its regular schedule and Officers and grievance representatives will take office in May 2024.

TO CLARIFY: The agreement to conduct a new nomination and election is NOT an indication of any wrongdoing by the current Local 7600 leadership - leadership, which members properly elected in 2021. Any suggestion to the contrary would be a misstatement of the charge filed and the reason for Local 7600’s settlement with DOL.