Alliance UBT Nationwide Virtual Gathering Dec. 8

Join fellow labor co-leads, sponsors, and UBT members for the next Alliance UBT Nationwide Virtual Gathering this Thursday, December 8.

The Alliance UBT Nationwide Virtual Gathering is a monthly 30-minute interactive meeting for all Alliance UBT members across KP.

At the Dec. 8 UBT Virtual Gathering, you will:

  • Learn the next steps in our #KPStaffingCrisis campaign
  • Learn what to do once you get UBT staffing information to improve your departments
  • Hear about the role of Alliance UBT Co-Leads as union stakeholders

You can join us at the time that is most convenient for you. Please register with the following links.

Date: Thursday, December 8, 2022

The registration deadline is Wednesday, December 7, at midnight (Pacific).

Missed our November 10 UBT Virtual Gathering? You can catch up on what we covered with our activity flyer. Download and share our Highlights & Take Action flyer here.

Do you need additional tips on how to ask for staffing information? We covered how to use partnership skills to address common hurdles and successfully obtain staffing information.

  • Remind your management partner that the staffing crisis is a joint problem to solve in partnership. To understand your management partner’s pain points, ask questions like, “How’s this short staffing affecting you?” “What’s keeping you up at night around our short staffing?” “If you could fix one thing around our staffing issue, what would it be?”
  • If you encounter resistance and your manager asks, “Why do you need this information?” “Why is this important?” You can answer, “transparency increases trust in the team” and “information helps us create team projects to solve the issue and increase team morale.”
  • If your management co-lead or manager continues not to provide information after repeated requests, calmly but firmly remind them that this is a contractual obligation per our 2021 National Agreement. Remember, you can also raise this in your next UBT meeting with your labor sponsor. Have more questions? Check out more tips here.

For a copy of the slide deck we presented during the November 10 Virtual Gathering, click here.


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